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INSS 2022 payment schedule: check the dates!

The INSS released the days according to the benefit number, which varies according to the minimum wage. See full dates.

The INSS (National Social Security Institute) payment schedule for 2022 is now available, as of this Wednesday (12/01), for the more than 36 million beneficiaries in the country. Through disclosure, retirees, pensioners and insured beneficiaries with the INSS can know the exact dates of the amounts that will fall into their bank account.

The dates of the social security income also include who receives the Continued Payment Benefit (BPC), which includes people with disabilities and seniors over 65 years old.

Thus, the calendar was set up according to the value of the benefit. For example, retirees and pensioners earning R$1,100 (minimum wage in 2021) will be the first to receive it, between January 25th and February 7th.

For those who earn more than the social security floor, payment will be made at the beginning of each month, starting in February.

Check all official dates for pension income beneficiaries in 2022

INSS 2022 payment schedule. Source: INSS full disclosure.

What this article covers:

How does it work on holidays?

According to the INSS announcement, weekends do not count as working days for releases. In addition, municipal, state or federal holidays do not count either, and the payment of the benefit will fall on the next business day.

Therefore, the INSS payment calendar for 2022 anticipates an interruption during the 2022 Carnival. Thus, deposits will be made on February 21st and continue until the 25th, but will only return on March 3rd, which falls on a Thursday. fair.

How to make the query?

To make the query, just know the numeric set of the benefit (NB), which contains 10 digits and appears in this format: 999,999,999-9. To make it easier, the insured person should pay attention to the penultimate number, which precedes the hyphen.

The deadline for withdrawing the benefits with your own card is until the end of the following month (approximately 60 days) in relation to the day of release of the amount in the account. Therefore, the disclosure points out that if the insured person does not make the withdrawal during this period, the amount returns to the INSS.

The body also reminds that those who have already received the benefit for some time will continue to follow the same dates.

If you are an INSS insured person or know one, you can also check the dates and values ​​in the Meu INSS app (install on your cell phone) or access the INSS website. Or, if you prefer, be instructed by calling 135.

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