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inspiration to wear them with style

For many, slipper boots are a winter essential, as they are warm and comfortable. We gathered the best looks with them.

Although they are far from being consensual, the slipper boots they are a winter essential for the most practical women, who can’t do without being warm and comfortable.

Yes, especially when temperatures are close to negative values, this boot model is sure to keep you warm throughout the day. In addition, of course, to being able to walk without having your feet hurt at any time.

However, there are those who hesitate to use them for finding them too casual. After all, they really look like slippers. If this is your case, know that there are some tricks to make your look work well, without looking slovenly, with the slipper boots.

Do not believe? So come and be inspired by our suggestions.


With miniskirt and sweater

For younger girls, a good way to wear slipper boots with style is, for example, pairing them with a knit sweater and mini-skirt (very fashionable this winter). Afterwards, just put an overcoat on top and the result, despite being comfortable, is sophisticated and full of flair.

If you thought it was impossible to create an elegant outfit with this model of boots, here’s proof that it’s not.


With pencil skirt and shirt

the singer and it girl Jennifer Lopez is often seen with slipper boots, but this inspiration shows us that it is possible to wear them to work. All you have to do is pair it with a pencil skirt, a white shirt and, on top of it, put on a coat so you don’t get cold.

It may not even be a consensual outfit, but if you like it, don’t hesitate to wear it. After all, in addition to being beautiful, it is warm and comfortable.


With a monochrome look

If you’re one of those people who loves wearing light colors in winter, a good tip is to combine a white shirt and pants with camel slipper boots.

One look beautiful, warm and stylish that you can wear to work (if your workplace is not too formal) or to go out with friends on a Saturday afternoon.

leopard-pattern looks

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With dress and trench coat

Are you such a fan of slipper boots that you don’t want to let go of them even to work? So, bet on wearing them with a more sober dress. To walk on the street you can add a trench coat and that’s it.

One look practical, cute and feminine that will make you feel amazing and comfortable at the same time.

On those lazy weekends when you just want to stay on the couch but have to go out, there’s nothing better than a wool sweater, leggings, slipper boots and a warm coat.

The result is casual, but just add a nice bag and some elegant accessories and the look transform into a colorful coordinate. Point the hint!


With jeans and overcoat

If you’re a fan of a more classic style, but don’t do without the comfort of slipper boots, there’s nothing better than wearing them with jeans that fit you perfectly and a warm sweater. To finish off, add a long overcoat??

As well as being an outfit that you can wear to work, it’s also perfect for walking around in cold cities, where you need to be warm and comfortable.
So, if you are going on a winter getaway, this is a good inspiration.


With midi skirt and biker jacket

Our last suggestion is perfect for more daring women, who like to take risks and play with fashion. So, how about combining slipper boots with a biker jacket and a midi skirt?

is not a outfit for everyone, but if you like it, the certainty of a feminine and comfortable outfit, for the cold season.

Where to buy slipper boots?

The best-known slipper boots are those from Australian brand UGG, which are sold in Portugal, for example, at El Corte Inglés. If you are looking for different models, you might like to know the options of brand D.Franklin??

However, if you are looking for a really cheaper option, in almost all fast fashion it is possible to find boots of this type, carded inside. That is, accessible, warm and comfortable.

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