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Inserts from natural materials: tips, photos

Inserts from natural materials: tips, photos – One way to renew the look of residential walls is by investing in inserts made from natural materials. They are responsible for leaving the environments with a more cozy climate, in addition to contributing to the resistance and protection of the vertical space. This type of pastille has gained space in homes as it creates a differentiated and very beautiful decoration for those who see it.

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Inserts from natural materials: tips, photos

By adopting natural materials in finishing the house, the decoration becomes more sophisticated and comfortable. The walls abandon the monotony of painting and begin to exhibit a new proposal that invokes texture and color. It is important to point out that all rooms in the house can benefit from tablets, including the living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

How are they made with natural materials, the inserts stand out as ecologically correct parts. They also value the idea of ​​personalized decoration, where the inner wall is much more than a structural element and is also considered an important piece to determine the look of the space.

Types of natural pastilles

The inserts make up a real panel in the bedroom.

Several materials extracted from nature can be used to manufacture mosaic tiles, betting on a decoration concept different from ceramic finishes, glass mosaic tiles have emerged. The pieces, however, preserve the compact size and the more laborious application proposal, capable of highlighting the architectural details.

Check below the inserts from natural materials best known in the market:

  • Coconut pastille: The raw material used to manufacture the finish is suitable for indoor environments with low humidity. The pieces exalt the rustic style in the decoration and display a variety of neutral tones, especially with regard to the earthy color palette.
  • Bamboo Paste: the pieces explore the beauty and resistance of a type of natural fiber, whose extraction does not damage nature. With the use of tablets it is possible to make mosaics enriched by details, making modern combinations through the use of different nuances.
  • Bone and horn pastille: this type of finish is elegant and modern, but most often used in furniture design, with several color options (blended, dark, clear, milky, honey). It is a natural and delicate material, so it is important to be careful with exposure to heat and rain.
  • Apple pastilles: for those looking for a different and handcrafted type of coating, it is worth knowing the tablets made with apple tree branches.

Pictures of inserts from natural materials

Taking care of tablets

Residents of houses decorated with tiles made of natural materials should take care with the maintenance of the pieces. First, avoid exposure to weather conditions that could damage the coating. Another important note is the cleaning of the finish, which only requires a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.

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