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Ingrid Coronado’s ex breaks down in tears in the middle of the show and assures that he “forgives her” | VIDEO

The novel that has lived Ingrid Coronado about your ex-partners Charlie Lopez and the deceased Fernando del Solar they do not stop giving what to talk about.

On this occasion, the former member of Garibaldi continued to talk about the mother of his son, and wanted to find compassion among his fans by breaking down in tears.

Well, according to Charly, he forgives Ingrid for the problems they have between the two of them, and assures that he has done her a lot of damage. This despite the fact that the famous host’s own colleagues have supported her that the ex-singer has abused her and her son in various ways.

The former member of Garibaldi took his program and spoke live about the problems he has with his firstborn, with whom he assured that he is willing to talk to fix the situation, since it is something that does not concern him.

After this Tuesday the magazine Tv Notas published an interview in which Charly accuses his ex-wife of waiting for the death of Fernando del Solar, the singer and host spoke about the subject in his program “Vivalavi”, in which he took the opportunity to address his 24-year-old son, with whom he is estranged because he is supporting his mother.

The artist stated that this is an adult situation, in which he should not get involved, so he asked him to talk and have a coffee to fix things.

“This is not your responsibility at all, I would like to talk to you, I swear daddy I will never judge you, I want us to return as adults to talk… only Emiliano knows what we live together”


Said López, 53, who broke down in tears when remembering Emiliano, with whom he always proved to be very close despite the fact that he had been divorced from Ingrid Coronado since 2006, since they were constantly together.

The interpreter of “La ventanita” sent a message to the mother of his son and also the ex-wife of Fernando del Solar, who died on June 30 of this year.

He assured that he forgives her for all the problems he has had with her and that he hopes that the other people he has also hurt do the same.

Likewise, he asked that he demonstrate with actions that he is a better person and not through a book, referring to his writing “MujerOn”, in which he deals with his relationships.

“Here this ends, here it is in the program, I will not touch this topic again, Ingrid Coronado I forgive you for all the damage you did to me and I hope that Fernando forgives you and that the people who have harmed you also forgive you and that you too forgive yourself and work on yourself to be a better person, not on a book”

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