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Ingrid Coronado attacks again against the widow of Fernando del Solar | VIDEO

After the death of the famous conductor Fernando del Solarthe quarrels between his widow continue Anna Ferroand his ex-partner Ingrid Coronado.

While Ferro assured that he had not had any kind of approach from Ingrid Coronado, who was the host of “Venga la Alegría” exposed the same thing about his ex’s widow.

And although in recent months both had preferred not to give more details about whether there had been any progress regarding Fernando del Solar’s inheritance, On this occasion, it was Ingrid Coronado who decided to break the silence, assuring that she was confident that everything would be resolved in her favor.

It was during a meeting of authors from a renowned publishing group that Ingrid Coronado opened up before the cameras of “Sale el Sol”, revealing that the process against Ana Ferro had not advanced much, which he attributed to the fact that in Mexico the legal processes are very long.

“The legal process against the widow of Fernando del Solar continues. The legal processes in Mexico are very long and I continue to do what I have to do. I can’t give you news because I don’t have it yet”


To the express question of whether she considered that the legal process would end up favoring her, Ingrid Coronado answered confidently that she had no doubt that this would be the case, adding that Ana Ferro did not want to establish communication with her. to reach an agreement regarding the property that keeps them at odds.

“Do you think there has been an opening for communication? The truth is that I would not like to talk about it because I do not think it makes any sense “


Due to the information that has been leaked in various media, It is known that the property that is in dispute between Fernando del Solar’s ex-partner and his widow is a luxurious house located in Cuernavaca, Moreloswhere the actor also spent the last days of his life.

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