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Ingredients to replace in healthier Christmas recipes

It is possible to make some ingredient substitutions to have healthier – and delicious – Christmas recipes.

Do they exist ingredients you can substitute for healthier christmas recipes?? Christmas meals are filled with good memories and good flavors. However, in a society that is always looking for alternatives to healthier lifestyles, it is good news that there are ingredients that can be replaced to create a recipe with less fat or less carbohydrates.

Ingredients you can substitute for healthier Christmas recipes


Despite the bad reputation, the human body needs fat to function. But not just any fat, just that considered good, present in meat, eggs and nuts, for example. Saturated fats are bad for the heart and for cholesterol levels, especially when consumed in excess.

Cream, for example, can be easily replaced by yogurt, which are ingredients that can be used in recipes for mayonnaise, sauces and even hummus.

Compared to cream, low-fat yogurts are a smart choice of ingredients that you can substitute for healthier Christmas recipes.

It is also possible to replace whole milk with semi-skimmed milk: the same amount of calcium, but half the fat.


The salt consumption recommended by doctors is a maximum of 6 grams per day. However, the average individual consumption is approximately 18 grams daily. Which makes salt consumption per person an unhealthy number.

Processed foods are those that contain the highest amount of salt and the advantage of cooking a meal with your own hands is the possibility of controlling what is being ingested, in this case, the amount of salt for seasoning.

Salt can be replaced with seasonings of all kinds and some types of cheese, such as feta cheese.


Like salt, sugar consumption is much higher than recommended and is also very present in processed and frozen foods. If the Christmas table can’t be without sweets for dessert, try swapping sugar for the natural sweetness of fruits, either incorporating them into dishes, or even using the fructose to sweeten drinks, and thus make a meal with many flavored waters, for example.

Another ingredient option that you can substitute for healthier Christmas recipes is to use fresh dates in cake and pie recipes.


You hydrates gained a bad, and unfair, reputation. Associated with weight gain and a diet rich in sugar, it is certain that the human body needs carbohydrates to have energy.

One of the conscious changes you can make is to consume more fiber and the same amount of carbohydrates through wholegrain products. Pasta, flour, rice, and bread can be easily found in their whole forms.

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