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Influencers or celebrities have preferential treatment on TikTok • ENTER.CO

According to a Forbes post, prominent users like influencers or celebrities get preferential treatment on TikTok.

In theory, what is happening is that TikTok would have two content moderation systems. One for celebrities and one for ordinary users of the social network. In other words, this platform owned by ByteDance has a “special” user deal with some. At least, that’s how it was learned by leaks from a meeting of the Trust and Safety team in 2021.

According to the post on Forbes, TikTok prioritized content moderation for creators who have more than 5 million followers. This means that they have a favorable treatment. The question is simple, if two users (one an influencer and the other not) publish the same amount of content with the same possibility of censorship, there is a greater chance that the common user will be eliminated, which would show that there is preferential treatment on TikTok .

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According to the leaks, the “creator tag” would be used to determine these profiles. In the leaked audio, one of the attendees affirms that this denomination was reserved for “special users”. Therefore, its content had to be moderated differently and separately. In the audio, statements such as “we do not want to treat these users like any other account would be heard. There’s a little more leniency, I’d say.”

In fact, a Booz Allen Hamilton consultant said this would be confirmation of what he had heard before from another TikTok employee. That employee would have said that “he was quite direct in saying that a famous person could post content and I could post content, and if both were inappropriate, the famous person could stay awake.”

The company’s position on the matter was immediately known, denying this possibility. Spokesperson Jamie Favazza told Forbes that “TikTok is no longer lenient in moderating accounts with more than 5 million followers.” This situation is reminiscent of what happened some time ago with other social networks like Facebook with a program known as ‘Cross check’.

Image: Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

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