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Inés Gómez Mont reappears to deny a famous Mexican newspaper

Ines Gomez Mont It reappeared on social networks in the midst of the controversy in which it is involved with the Mexican justice system. This with the aim of denying a recent publication in the REFORMA newspaper, who claimed that an arrest warrant had been issued against her.

It was through her Instagram account, where the famous host revealed that she reached a Reparation Agreement before the Attorney General’s Office of the Mexican Republic (FGR) for almost a million dollars, this after it was accused of money laundering and diversion of funds.

After a year of having moved away from the spotlight, the Mexican driver came out to defend herself in networks, where she pointed out to the Reforma newspaper for publishing that a fourth arrest warrant was added for organized crime after an alleged tax fraud committed in 2017.

It should be remembered that Gómez Mont and his partner, tax attorney Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, were accused of evading the various prison orders issued against them.

After a first investigation was issued in the face of an alleged tax fraud in 2016, following a complaint filed by the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

Faced with this complaint, the former host of Ventaneando and the then Attorney General of the Mexican Republic (PGR), agreed to a reparation agreement with which the famous settled in two parts.

“I want to tell you that on November 30, 2018, I entered into a Tax Reparation Agreement with the FGR and paid 13.5 million pesos. I don’t understand why they are unaware of that payment”


It was on September 10, 2021 that the arrest warrant against Inés Gómez Mont and her husband and businessman Victor Álvarez Puga was announced.

Those who were accused of the crimes of embezzlement, organized crime and the crime of operations with resources of illicit origin.

At that time, the famous actress avoided trial for tax evasion by paying more than half a million dollars to the Federal Treasury for omitted contributions. Through the “Ventaneando” show program, they pointed out that the famous woman was currently in the United States.

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