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Industrial Kitchens Equipment, Where to buy

The dream of an industrial kitchen accompanies many cooks from all over Brazil. Many times we start to make food, sweets and snacks for parties and made at home or in a small space, and production increases, so it is necessary to take the next step, the long-awaited Industrial Kitchen and Equipment, we put up many barriers and excuses, but we don’t stop dreaming about it. So let’s make this dream come true.

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Industrial Kitchens Equipment, Where to buy

People wonder why industrial kitchen equipment if she is so dull? It has no color and takes up a lot of space, it cannot decorate or decorate, not to mention that it has no shelves. But those who cook know the importance of a space with equipment that allows you to cook in quantity and the food is tastier, as if it were made by mom.

Everything in the industrial kitchen is much bigger than our home kitchen, the industrial kitchen equipment are: stove, tilting frying pan, griddle for grilling, cauldron, industrial oven panel, hood exhaust system, carts, shelves with wheels, among others.

The industrial kitchen has the same equipment as a kitchen at home, but everything is simpler and in huge sizes with greater power and better capacity for cooking large quantities. THE stainless steel industrial kitchen it is complete, everything fits together, most of the tables, sinks, fridge, stove are all the same height and fit next to each other and there is no closet but shelves, that is, nothing has a door, everything ventilates air, and all the things can be seen, like pots, mugs, spoons, knives, everything.

The Restaurants, Buffet, Factories, Confectionery, usually have industrial kitchen, it is a big investment, and the industrial kitchen price is high, but with this equipment your establishment will not have problems with the establishment inspectors, everything will be in its place and there will be no slime, mold in your establishment, the hygiene and cleaning of the industrial kitchen is done very quickly, everything is flat, so it makes it easier and nothing goes unnoticed when cleaning, as there are no curved details or equipment.

The price of an industrial kitchen depends a lot on whether it has a stove, fridge, oven, freezer, these heavier pieces of equipment, it’s all around R$ 40,000. If it is small, but really small, if it has many freezers, greenhouse refrigerators, the value will be quite high, but you can buy used industrial kitchenpieces that have already been used by other restaurants for a more affordable price.

Where to Buy Industrial Kitchen

Start assembling your kitchen now, don’t delay this dream, make budgets, get to know the products, do everything calmly because it is a big investment, after it is assembled you will realize that you should have done it before, it saves space, industrial equipment offers you more production in less time, and they withstand the production of large quantities without damaging them, they are ready for that, large production without losing anything.

Go to tips from websites of known stores. It’s worth checking out each store, make your dream come true now.

www.paequipamentos.com.br Roman village – São Paulo – SP
www.cozinhasindustriais.com – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
www.elvi.com.br Vila Livieiro – São Paulo – SP

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