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Indoor plant trends 2023 – Metro Mode

With new years comes new trends and in Plantagen’s report “Start the year fresh with indoor plants” we get to take part in 2023’s favorites among indoor plants. With a wide range of color and form, the plant world constantly offers new ideas for different plant enthusiasts.

Foot: The plantation

Colorful and easy-care plants, preferably with a retro feel, and an increasing focus on sustainability and the plants’ contribution to well-being in everyday life are some of the things that characterize this year’s trend image for indoor plants.

Photo: The plantation

Indoor plants that are easy to care for are, just like last year, a hit among Swedes. Six out of ten Swedes state that they are interested in easy-care indoor plants. The range among these is large – it ranges from lovely greens to colorful and flourishing plants, such as bonsai-shaped lemon ficus, cactus, dracaena, and zamiakalla. As easy-care plants increase in popularity, retro plants such as goldenrod and ficus are making a comeback in Swedish homes. Even flowering indoor plants are predicted to get their revenge in 2023.

Photo: The plantation

The plants’ calming effect

According to the report, the Swedes are becoming more and more stressed. At the same time, research shows that having plants in one’s surroundings has a calming effect on us humans, and more than three out of five Swedes feel that indoor plants contribute to a calm and harmonious atmosphere. Half of all Swedes also find it relaxing to take care of indoor plants.

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