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Increase in the electricity bill may affect the price of meat

In recent months there has been an increase in the rate charged per Watts consumed, this greatly affects the pockets of Brazilians not only in the light bills that come every month, but will also affect the price of meat and several other products that need some source of external energy to sustain itself.

According to Sindiaçougue, the beef tariff has remained stable, without so many price changes in recent months, but it is already possible to analyze which parts of the meat that are less purchased, have already had a change in their price, as the call of the ox that is costing R$ 25.90 a kilo.

The most purchased parts, such as the palette and the chuck, continue to have the same price range, going up to R$ 40 depending on the store you buy it from.

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How will the increase in the price of meat due to energy happen?

In order to try to maintain consumer costs, the increase will not be extreme according to the electric power bannersat least R$ 1 will be added per kilo of the meat you buy.

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The president of Sindiaçougue says that the final months of the year are the hottest, excluding December, so the cost of keeping meat preserved in the butcher shop will be much higher, as it will require much more energy.

Even with all this impact of price increases for the storage of red meat and the president’s forecast, it is worth bearing in mind that these cost projections will behave in accordance with the movement in market values.

The increase in the price of red meat in 2021

Since last year, in which the price of beef rose by up to 18%, it still continues to register high prices in the places of sale, mainly due to the problems with the weather that we are suffering in recent times and an increase in the cost of production and cattle maintenance.

The sum of the last 12 months makes a total of 29.5% in the previous price of meat.

The three beef parts with the highest increase in recent months were: lizard with a change of 3.6%, then rump with 3.05% and finally soft coxion with a change of 2.92% in its normal price.

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