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Income Tax: DARF settlement goes until tomorrow; see how to issue and pay the document

After submitting your income tax return, you must pay the DARF (Federal Revenue Collection Document) by this Tuesday, May 31. Not yet issued the document? Know that you can access it in several ways.

Check below how to issue yours and what to do if you have to pay the guides late.


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How to issue the DARF?

Income Tax
The DARF can be issued by the IRPF program, the e-CAC portal or the Meu Imposto de Renda application. Image: Pcess609/Shutterstock

Through the Meu Imposto de Renda application, you must access the option “Consult Debits, Issue DARF and Change Quotas”. Then the status of each quota will be displayed and you can issue the DARFs.

Since 2018, the DARF can also be issued by the Income Tax (PGD) program itself along the way. Declaration > Print > Darf. The software takes care of calculating the payment amounts.

You can also issue the document through the SicalcWeb program (Legal Addition Calculation System). Another option is to fill in the DARF manually following government filing guidelines.

It is worth mentioning that DARFs issued without a barcode can be paid at ATMs and internet banking normally, for that, just access the option “Payment without barcode” or similar.

It is necessary to be attentive, because the fields must be filled in as they appear in the DARF!

How to calculate the value of DARF in arrears?

If you miss the deadline, you can access the delayed DARF through the Federal Revenue’s own software, SICALC. In this way, the guides are already calculated and issued with a fine and interest.

DARFs for overdue debts can also be issued through the Tax Status Survey page.

How to pay late DARF?

Even in arrears, DARF can also be paid without leaving the case through the internet banking of Banco do Brasil, Itaú and Bradesco. Just search for the ‘DARF’ option on your bank’s page, fill in the fields manually according to the document guides and confirm a payment date.

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