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Inclusion Aid will start to be paid next month

The Inclusion Aid will come into force next month, with a value of R$ 550.00, for people with medium or severe disabilities. Those who are enrolled in the Continued Provision Benefit (BPC) and get a job with a formal contract will be entitled to the aid.

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What is Assistance-Inclusion?

The Aid-Inclusion is an assistance benefit that will be validated in October 2021 for people with a physical disability. moderate and/or severe, who have their registration in the Benefit of Continuous Provision (BPC) and, later, get a formal job, that is, with a formal contract.

The value of the Aid-Inclusion will be the price equivalent to 50% of the value of the BPC, that is, R$550.00 will be paid to each of the beneficiaries by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) from the 1st business day of October 2021.

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Despite its recent creation in 2021, the Inclusion Aid was already provided for in the Brazilian Inclusion Law, which is also known as the Statute of Persons with Disabilities.

What is needed to guarantee the right to Assistance-Inclusion?

For you to have your right guaranteed to the payment of the Assistance-Inclusion, it is necessary that you fulfill the following requirements listed below:

  • Be receiving the payment of the Continued Benefit (BPC) and start exercising a paid service limited to two minimum wages, which corresponds to the amount of R$ 2,200.00;
  • Be a person from the General Social Security System or with some affiliation to the Social Security system of the Union, States, Federal District or Municipalities.
  • Have updated your Single Registration (CadÚnico) registration at the time you request the payment of the Inclusion Aid, as well as keep your Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF) updated;
  • Comply with all the rules of the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC) maintenance system, which correspond to proof of monthly family income, which is a necessary document to guarantee access to the benefit.

The person with a disability who manages to get a job with a formal contract will be withdrawn from the Continuous Provision Benefit (BPC). However, she will be guaranteed the payment of R$550 of the Aid-Inclusion, in addition to receiving her monthly salary through the provision of services given at work.

According to the Federal Government, the Inclusion Aid works to encourage people with disabilities to enter the job market.

The Ministry of Citizenship guarantees that, in the event of job loss and, consequently, not having the necessary income for sustenance, the person automatically returns to being a beneficiary of the Continuous Provision Benefit (BPC), without the need for new assessments to find out if the benefit is guaranteed.

What you need to know about Aid-Inclusion has been presented here.

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