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Inauguration of Mery Gutiérrez, the new ICT Minister, is postponed again

The inauguration of Mery Gutiérrez as Minister of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) scheduled for today, August 22, was postponed again. And it is that since Mery Gutiérrez was announced as the new MinTic, her arrival at the ministry has been full of questions. Everything is due to the fact that since President Petro made the announcement, it was known that Gutiérrez is involved in a conflict of interest. For this reason, it was even speculated that she would no longer be the one to occupy the position of minister.

However, this week during the closing of the Asobancaria event, the banking congress that took place in the city of Cartagena, the president reiterated that Mery Gutiérrez will be the new minister. “We are going to support Mery. I have known her for a long time”, argued the state of chief during the congress. But, again the event was cut short, the reasons are still uncertain.

In the midst of the uncertainties there are two versions circulating about the new postponement of Gutiérrez’s possession. The first indicates that the president’s agenda has been tight in recent days and has not organized a space for the appointment. The second version suggests that the president is still reviewing whether or not Mery Gutiérrez should take office as the new MinTIC.

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For her part, as reported in El Espectador, Mery Gutiérrez confirmed that the inauguration “initially was scheduled for 11:30 am, but it was moved because the president has to attend to a winter wave issue. I am waiting for the new date. Said like this, everything indicates that Gutiérrez will be in charge of MinTic. It should be noted that Gutiérrez has been accused of a conflict of interest that she had her appointment in suspense.

In fact, President Petro referred to the controversy surrounding the minister “when there is a conflict of interest, the person has to declare himself disabled and does not act in the case.” The truth is that, once the minister takes office, she will be in charge of crucial issues such as the digital transformation megaproject, reducing the connectivity gap and democratizing internet access as an essential public service.

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