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In video, Britney Spears appears wearing a tight red jumpsuit and eating cake on the floor

Britney Spears.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Britney Spears always gives something to talk about with his publications in instagram, and taking advantage of the fact that he turned 41 on December 2, he used his account to share a video -which he later deleted- in which he celebrates in his own way, wearing a red jumpsuit and making sexy movements, to end up eating cake on the floor; she just said, “Hey guys, 30 seconds to Mars.”

Recently pop princess He deleted his posts from that social network again, but they reappeared after a few days. She explained in a message what caused that pause: “Yes, it’s my birthday all week and I know my instagram It’s been dropped a few times, but honestly, I did it myself the last two times! oops… I accidentally pushed the wrong button… Damn stupid button!!!”

Rumors have surfaced that someone else is running Britney Spears’ social media, but her husband Sam Asghari has completely denied that this is the case. The singer also wrote a message expressing her wishes for 2023: “Joyful Santa is on his way! My goal this year is to learn to be as COMFORTABLE with people as they are with me!!!!! I want to go to a wedding this year, take the microphone, sing a song or two, and fall eight times!” Regarding the clip in question, Britney added: “It’s my first year in 15 being treated as an equal and oh my! I didn’t know about this NO RULES thing! Pssss this video is very blurry, sorry!! Is it a bit awkward or weird to watch? DUH that’s the point!”

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