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In the midst of her search to be a mother, Livia Brito makes a tremendous confession

Livia Brito she hopes her 2023 will be full of new experiences, and the one on her priority list is becoming a mother. For this reason, The actress of Cuban origin has already begun to make some changes in her life that she finally revealed to her followers.

Through her Instagram account, the protagonist of melodramas such as “Médicos, línea de vida” and “La Desalmada” performed a live in which she once again expressed her desire to be a mother and confirmed that they had even carried out the pertinent checkups to make sure that your health is in the necessary conditions to become pregnant.

While performing her skincare routine, Livia Brito explained to her fans that this new stage in her life also represented changes in her professional facet. He anticipated that there will be a big change in the content he makes on his social networks.

“I am going to start making exclusive content, as I already told you, I am already working on it… I told you that I am waiting to get pregnant and that type of content is what we are going to upload”revealed the 36-year-old comedian.

It should be noted that this is not the only change that the famous has made to materialize her dream of having a baby. Let’s remember that Last October, she explained that the second part of the melodrama “La Desalmada” had gone on hiatus so that she could focus on her pregnancy process.

“I had a talk with ‘El Güero’ Castro, with the bosses, and I told them what I was planning and that I wanted to get pregnant. I think the time has come, I have been wanting for a long time and that is why production stopped a bit ”, he indicated at that time.

To make your dream come true, Livia Brito would welcome a baby from the hand of her partner, the physical trainer Mariano Martínezwith whom he got engaged in the city of Venice during his most recent vacation.

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