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In the company of David Ortiz, Daddy Yankee presents the official song of the World Classic

Daddy Yankee and David Ortíz presented the song of the World Baseball Classic.

Photo: Megan Briggs/Getty Images

The urban music singer, Daddy Yankee, presented in the company of David Ortiz, the official song of the World Baseball Classicit is titled “Spark” and has the style of the reggaetonero as well as the Latin touch that exalts baseball so much in all latitudes.

The song of the tournament that began on March 8, It was written by the Puerto Rican singer in the city of Miami and he presented it together with the legendary Dominican Hall of Fame, David Ortizboth put aside the rivalry of their countries and showed that Latin America continues to be the same land for everyone beyond competition.

Besides Daddy Yankee was also named as an ambassador of the World Baseball Classic, this due to his great influence as an artist. It should be noted that Play-N-Skillz, a Latin American record production duo and DJ group made up of brothers Juan “Play” Salinas and Oscar “Skillz” Salinas, were in charge of producing the song with the renowned urban music artist.

The song is part of Daddy Yankee’s production called “Legendaddy” and thus he selected it as the anthem of the great sports event.

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