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In support of GTA VI, developers show their games in development stage • ENTER.CO

“Graphics are the first things that are finished.” One of the worst things to come out of the GTA VI leak has been hearing fans complain that the game looks bad. It looks terrible and the graphics is the first thing to go! They read various posts that seem to think it’s okay to mess up stolen game stuff and it wasn’t even meant to show updates.

In response to these comments, different developers have posted videos on their social networks of what their games looked like in the early stages of development… in case you still think that “graphics are the first thing that is finished”.

Let’s start with a game we see all the time in recent weeks: Cult of the Lamb. Basic graphics, much less variety in followers, map details and animations.

The developers of Sea of ​​Thieves do something extra and explain that in some cases it is common to use a base engine for the first parts of the game and then jump to the final one, when testing with the final graphics. “This is Sea of ​​Thieves footage from November 2014. An update on the first pill pirates, but still a work in progress. I was using Unity for more agile iterative testing, whereas the work on Unreal at the time was very early, with the goal of creating the reveal trailer.”

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Control looked in its early days like a strange chapter of The Office. It is worth mentioning that all the reviews of the game did not stop talking about how spectacular its graphics were.

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn is another example of how it is common to use resources from other games in the early stages of development to temporarily reuse resources from other titles: in this case Aloy is a character from Killzone and the dinosaurs are made of Lego.

We cannot forget The Last of Us. The game that didn’t need a remaster, because the original version had some of the graphics of its time. This is what the game looked like in its early days.

Rift Of The Necrodancer made the first version of their yoga mini game using PNG from the game director.

But you know… the graphics is the first thing that is finished when making a video game.

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