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In skintight tracksuit Dua Lipa is shown headfirst in a yoga pose

Dua Lipa.

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

After many months of touring Dua Lipa He has taken a well-deserved rest and is getting ready for the end of the year. But she doesn’t forget to exercise, so she posted on instagram a video in which he appears upside down, wearing a tight sports outfit and doing a yoga pose, a discipline he has practiced for years.

The tour future nostalgia It was one of the most successful in 2022 and gave the singer the opportunity to visit many countries. She shared with her fans a collection of her favorite pictures of her that show her on stage, and complemented it with the message, “Future Nostalgia ~ 2022 ~ the year that changed my life. Thank you for the lifetime of memories.” 🏹🤍

During his stay in London Dua Lipa looked spectacular in a total look black and met rosalia -another of the most popular artists of 2022-, with whom she gets along very well. Both posed for some photographs that so far have obtained more than two million likes on that social network.

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