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In patterned leggings and wearing a garter Ana Bárbara shows her routine to exercise her arms

Ana Barbara always share with your followers on instagram videos that show her at home doing exercise routines, and now she has published one in which she uses a pull-up bar and a garter to tone her arms: “What we are going to do is… put the knee here, can someone help you grabbing your knees, my children always helped me at first, but now I can.”

the rump queen He published an emotional clip on the occasion of his 52nd birthday, showing many photos in which he appears as a child, recording his first songs and with various artists. “I want to thank life that has given me so much, with its setbacks but also many satisfactions and for allowing me to celebrate one more birthday today! It wasn’t easy but we got there.” 🎂😍

During his celebration for the new year Ana Barbara he could not stop sharing a fun video, and he showed himself doing the choreography of Jenna Ortega for the series of Netflix “Wednesday”complementing it with the theme Bloody Mary of Lady Gaga as background music.

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