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In daring neckline, Chiquis Rivera distributed toys in Anaheim

Chiquis Rivera, daughter of Jenni Rivera and regional Mexican singer.

Photo: Frederick M. Brown. /Getty Images

Excited, emotional and as sensual as only she knows how to look, that’s how she let herself be seen Chiquis Rivera this weekend when set out to deliver toys in Anaheim, california. Together with her partner and friend, the Queen Bee surprised her audience by becoming a kind of Santa Claus and distribute gifts to the community. But this would not be the only reason why it caught the attention of many, and that is that her deep neckline also gave something to talk about.

A white dress designed in the corset style and a fairly pronounced neckline that left part of her breasts visiblein conjunction with silk gloves and a furry coat, were the icing on the cake so that Chiquis Rivera, will wreak havoc in Anaheim where he gave his time to give toys to the children of the community.

On Lincoln Avenue the tent was set up where Chiquis Rivera and her friend Lorena spent more than three hours distributing toys to families who attended in their vehicles and paraded through a tunnel full of lights and decoration of Christmas.

In addition to the celebrities, they were accompanied by popular Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Olaf and Elsa from Frozen, as well as Batman and Jack Skellington and Sally, from the movie Jack’s Strange World. I mean, everything the dream of a child who, in addition to receiving toys, was given one of the most charismatic regional Mexican singers out there, Chiquis Rivera.

“We wanted to get together, join forces and give to the community because God, life has given us a lot“, said the daughter of the remembered Jenni Rivera, who together with her partner He personally delivered the gifts to the little ones in the house.

She also mentioned that this initiative arose after she received so much after her successes and that there was also that common factor between her and her partner of not having received many gifts in her childhood. “We both have in common that when we were little sometimes we didn’t get gifts”revealed before the cameras of the media that came to cover the event from Anaheim.

The happy faces have gone viral on social media. This initiative of course generated endless positive comments and she earned even more fans who fall in love with her beauty, talent and heart. In addition, many others invited the beautiful women to continue joining forces and carry out the work in other communities in need, especially mentioning Mexico.

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