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In addition to suffering the loss of his wife, Rubén Cerda could also lose his home

The actor Rubén Cerda, 61, has had a 2022 to forget, because he not only suffered the harsh loss of his wife, Tere Herreobut he has also been involved in a legal dispute over the property he owns in the Ajusco area, south of Mexico City.

Although the comedian also acquired his home in good faith from his friend, the actress Maria Elena Saldanathe property would have been bought illegally in the past, as they have been assuring Sylvia Paulette de Rugama and Jorge Reynososince they point out that this and other properties belonged to his father, Don Jose de Rugama Jimenez.

Although for now the lawsuit is on standby, due to the difficult personal situation that Cerda is going through, Sylvia Paulette did not rule out going to the last consequences, but she announced that everything will depend on the actor’s behavior in the future.

“If the man continues to make incorrect statements, slandering me, then yes things could change, but not for the moment, I am not going to make firewood from the fallen tree,” the affected party explained.

It should be remembered that Rubén Cerda’s wife died of cirrhosis of the liver, the same disease that killed Silvia de Rugama’s father, so she feels very moved by the sad stage that the singer is also going through.

“It touched my heart, my dad also died of cirrhosis of the liver. Imagine the coincidences, 30 years later, at the same address, a lady with the same ailment was living. Of course I sympathize with him, “she concluded in the talk she had with the “Ventaneando” program.

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