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In a yellow micro bikini Camila Sodi can be seen walking by the sea

Camila Sodi took a vacation for several weeks, and took the opportunity to share in instagram With her fans, videos in which she appears showing off her figure in a yellow micro-bikini, riding on a yacht and being amazed to see a whale.

The Mexican actress showed off her figure by wearing a string thong and also posed under the sun’s rays in a two-color minidress; She is back in Mexico and immediately began to exercise to maintain the weight she had before leaving, combining everything with a diet based on juices, salads, and lots of vegetables.

One of the most successful publications of Camila Sodi in instagram was the one she shared a few days ago, in which she appears upside down and wearing a red micro-bikini while assuming a complicated yoga pose. When she is in the city she opts to practice Pilates, and she is already quite an expert.

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