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In a tight jumpsuit Sara Corrales stretches her body while doing various yoga poses

Although the soap opera “My way is to love you” continues to be broadcast in Mexico the recordings ended a few weeks ago, so Sarah Corrales she took a well-deserved vacation in which she took the opportunity to practice yoga, which she loves. in your account instagram She shared photos that show her wearing a tight jumpsuit and striking various poses, demonstrating her flexibility.

The beautiful Colombian actress was also shown in a clip washing the dishes shortly after her routines, and she complemented it with the message: “Part of the philosophy and culture of the Ashram is that we all work as a community in different tasks.”

Sara showed off her statuesque body in various mini-bikinis, highlighting an orange one that she wore on board a yacht. And of course, one of her already famous positive messages could not be missing: 鈥淟iving in the past will cause you depression, living in the future will cause you anxiety, living in the present will give you MUCH HAPPINESS. So tell me where you want to be.” 馃檶馃徑馃挅

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