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In a blazer and mini skirt, Chiky Bombom showed her leg in the middle of the transmission of ‘Hoy Dia’

Chiky Bombom, Dominican influencer and former MasterChef participant.

Photo: Rodrigo Varela. /Getty Images

What a stir the driver caused Chiky Bombom after publishing a photograph from the forum of the morning program ‘Today’ sheathed in an outfit with which she gave a lecture on elegance and sensuality.

Through her Instagram account, the former participant of ‘MasterChef’ undertook the task of showing in detail the outfit with which she conquered the cameras during the most recent broadcast of the Telemundo production.

We are talking about a set of blazer and mini skirt in nude and white colors that hugged the right places on her silhouette, outlining her ‘wasp’ waist.

In addition, the 34-year-old girl showed off her kilometric and shapely legs thanks to the mini skirt and nude ankle boots with which she completed her look. It should be noted that Chiky Bombom took advantage of the commotion of his publication to share an emotional reflection that resonated with his digital community.

“ANDt is very important to have a vision for yourself, for your life and for the world. Your vision is what you would ideally like to achieve with the best conditions of your life. Don’t worry about how it will happen. Go to the end; the universe will take care of the details in time and order”, wrote the famous.

As a result of your publication, Chiky received dozens of comments, including compliments and congratulations for his perseverance. “Chiky! Your law of attraction is very powerful! Where do you see yourself in the future? Declare it and it will be yours!!”; “It’s just that no one looks like an afro like her… that’s your look, dear” and “Give me the recipe to be so pretty,” reads under the publication.

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