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In 2023, we revel in denim – here are the garments that set the style

In 2023, we like to dress in denim from head to toe. We list the clothes that will allow you to take on one of the year’s biggest trends in style.

Photo: Instagram @jen_wonders

When Kate Moss walked the Bottega Veneta catwalk during Milan Fashion Week last fall, it was clear that oversized jeans would be one of 2023’s big trends.

For those who love denim, however, there is no reason to hold back on this material during the year: several of the major fashion houses’ shows for spring and summer 2023 featured outfits where denim was not just part of the look, but completely dominated.

Alexander McQueen is an example of this:

In other words, it’s free for double denim in 2023! When it comes to the type of denim, patterned, distressed and mixed shades are just right.

A more minimalistic touch also works well – we love this relaxed everyday look with jeans and a matching jacket from LOEWE.

Ready to update your wardrobe with this trendy material? Check out our favorites below!

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