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Importance of being updated when working with marketing 2021

You can’t deny the importance of keeping up to date for anyone who works in marketing. After all, this is a sector that is constantly changing and what worked yesterday no longer brings results today. Therefore, it is vital to understand this movement and follow it in the best possible way, always looking for what is new in the area.

To get an idea, Brazilian companies invest more than BRL 12.5 billion in marketing per year in the country, with the expectation of generating hundreds of billions of dollars in return. In the online sales market alone, the expectation is that a financial volume per year equivalentand to BRL 106 billion?? Not to mention, of course, all other sales modalities, in the B₂B sector and in person B₂C.

Do you want to learn how important it is to keep up to date for those who work in marketing and how to achieve this feat? Then continue reading the article below!

What this article covers:


1. The advancement of news.

The first point that shows the importance of keeping up-to-date for those who work in marketing is the advancement that the sector’s news makes. What was new yesterday is now more structured and will be fundamental tomorrow.

An example of this is marketing automation. About 5, 6 years ago, this feature was a novelty that nobody really knew about. Nowadays, it is already something very well structured and essential for marketing campaigns that want to make the most of the “leads” generated.

This all happened in a short span of 5 years, little more than that. Those who “slept” lost the wave and now need to chase it. In the same way, innovations are being introduced today that tomorrow will be industry standard.

2. Differences by sector.

Imagine that you will work with the marketing strategy of a large investment brokerage to attract people who want to invest in the Stock Exchange. The strategy category you will use will probably be more focused on producing content in a traditional format (blogs, eBooks, courses).

Now imagine that, right after that, you need to take care of the marketing campaign of a streamer who wants to grow her channel on (Twitch) and have more subscribers. Working with “blogs”, articles and e-Books is not the best solution.

This simple example shows that there are many marketing differences by industry and you need to be up to date on them to be able to produce the best possible results for any client.

3. The new technologies introduced.

The marketing industry constantly has new technologies introduced and they make the work of professionals easier. For example, nowadays nobody working in Digital Marketing can do their work without using Sem Rush, Ubersuggest or Ahrefs. Years ago, those using these tools were the exception.

Therefore, it is important to be up-to-date to learn about the new technologies introduced in the job market, including those that bring revolutions to common tasks in the marketing area. After all, these are the programs that will be “law” for years to come.

4. The new languages.

Imagine someone told you that using influencers would be one of the top Internet marketing tools. You probably wouldn’t believe it. Worse: if they said that companies would budget with influencers for “dance” advertisements on Tik Tok and Reels, you would probably believe that the future would be dystopian.

And yet here we are with that scenario being a reality.

The fact is that there are always new languages ​​being developed for communicating with the public. Understanding new trends means being one foot ahead of your competitors.

5. The new platforms.

Finally, it is worth remembering that new marketing platforms are constantly being created. Nowadays, Instagram is one of the big machines for all companies and entrepreneurs, but in the past, Facebook (with its 127 million active users) dominated. Before that, blogs were one of the main platforms and so on.

So, always be on the lookout for the development of new platforms (TikTok and Twitch, for example) and how they can be used by your company to get more short-term financial returns.

Ready! Now that you’ve noticed the importance of keeping up to date for anyone working in marketing, it’s time to start looking for that update and always be up to date with news in the industry. This includes, of course, taking various courses and workshops, reading analyzes and white papers and advancing a lot in your study of the area, whatever your niche of expertise in Advertising.

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