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“I’m not in football for money”: Jaime Lozano’s strong rejection of the UNAM Pumas board

Jaime Lozano is currently out of work.

Photo: Fabian Meza / Imago7

Pumas de la UNAM has been involved in complicated sports scenarios. In the first instance, the club had to calm the disagreements after the alleged case of the rape of his former player Dani Alves. But in the sporting aspect they also stumbled, especially to hire a coach. Jaime Lozano was one of the candidates, but “Jimmy” never came.

The young strategist was highly sought after in the past. The Mexican Football Federation (FMF), wanted him for the minor categories and Pumas de la UNAM intended to give him all the tools to start a project with a view to the future. But none of the proposals motivated “Jimmy”.

Why didn’t Jaime Lozano accept Pumas from UNAM?

In the midst of speculation about the rejection of Jaime Lozano, the economic issue arose. The reports indicated that the young Mexican strategist would not have been very satisfied with the monetary incentive, but Jaime Lozano himself was in charge of discarding said theory.

There was a rapprochement, a little rapprochement. I did not have the opportunity to present a project as such, some fans talked about money, but I’m not in football for money. Fortunately, the little or much that I was able to do as a player gives me to live calmly. It has never been a priority for me, In the end I will go where the values ​​of the institution and the club agree with mine”, Lozano clarified in an interview with Marca Claro.

Jaime Lozano is displayed in Pumas de la UNAM

Despite the fact that Jaime Lozano decided that it was not the time to assume the bench of Los del Pedregal, “Jimmy” excited the fans of the club when they saw themselves on the bench of Pumas de la UNAM.

I know that one day I will have to be thereand whoever has to be there now to enjoy it and take advantage of the fact that this is football and at the end of the day we know that there is mutual affection, not to say love, on both sides”, he added.

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