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“I’m cold” makeup: How to achieve the trendy look

“I’m cold” makeup is the trend for those of you who have always dreamed of being the main character in your own Christmas movie. We show you how to set the look!

Screenshot: TikTok @sagszn

In recent times have so called I’m cold-makeup has become one of the most popular makeup trends on TikTok.

The trend – which can be seen as winter’s answer to summer’s Sunburn blush – involves creating a polished version of frostbitten skin. Some of the key features are generous with blush, lip gloss and shimmery eye shadow. Think romantic Christmas movie and you’re home!

This is how you succeed with “I’m cold” makeup

TikToker Tao – who goes by the username @taontm on the platform – shares make-up tips with his roughly 650,000 followers daily. In the clip below, she shows off her version of “I’m cold” makeup:

  1. Apply basic makeup as usual.
  2. Sweep blush over the cheeks and nose.
  3. Apply a shimmery highlighter or silver eyeshadow just under the eye and next to the inner corner of the eye. If you want, you can also put highlighter on the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose, as well as the cheekbones.
  4. Apply a more neutral eye shadow to the lids and apply mascara.
  5. Finish with lip gloss!
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