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IKEA and Sabine Marcelis launch collection that explores the power of sculptural design and light

For Ikea, the new WARMBLIXT collection marks the start of their journey to increase curiosity about lighting at home. The collection is designed to spark new interest in how light can change the way we experience the look, feel and atmosphere of our homes.

The collection includes four lighting products that will be a long-term part of Ikea’s range. The lighting, which is inspired by Sabine’s creative ability to play with unique shapes and objects, is the focus of the collection. “I wanted to use an unexpected angle to consider new shapes and elements that fit in and showcase different types of interior surfaces in a new, bold and artistic way,” says Sabine Marcelis.

The collection – which focuses on a warm color palette – features two rugs inspired by the rays of the sunset. The larger rug is made from 100 percent hand-tufted wool and shifts from warm deep orange to amber like a sunset, while its overlapping design language creates extra interesting design, an illusion of depth and color.

The collection consists of twenty products designed to interact with both direct and indirect light. It is available in department stores and on IKEA.se from February 3, 2023.

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