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IGP-M 2022 Tables (General Market Price Index)

The IGP-M 2022 tables are an important survey that shows price variations and different values ​​associated with the product market, in a broader sense, and also with the civil construction sector. Therefore, this document is essential to guide some changes in market behavior, such as changes in collection values, for example.

Knowing the IGP-M 2022 table is a good way to better plan finances, since the data presented in the document end up falling on all economically active people in society. It is also a good way to understand the price dynamics of the market.

To learn more about how the IGP-M 2022 table is made up and how it works, follow the text until the end and ask your questions about the topic.

What this article covers:

What is IGP-M 2022 tables?

The IGP-M 2022 table is a survey that presents the variation, in percentage, of costs associated with activities that are part of the production process in the country and also with civil construction. In other words, it is a document that presents price inflation or deflation indices for different sectors throughout the year.

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This IGP-M table, which means General Market Price Index, has been prepared by the FGV since the 1940s. The survey is carried out every month and published on the foundation’s website. The numbers presented in the table serve as a guide for movements and price changes in the market in general.

What is the value of the IGPM in 2022?

The IGP-M 2022 table, so far, shows an accumulated annual increase of 3.68%. This value is low because the table is updated monthly, so it only has the numbers for the months of January and February of this year (the ones for March have not yet been released).

However, the value that should serve as a reference for the increase in the price of several things this year is the 2021 IGP-M table index, which is 17.79%. This number represents the accumulation of changes in the prices of various raw materials, products and provision of services during the last twelve months.

What is the IGPM index for the 2022 rent adjustment?

The IGP-M index for the readjustment of rent values ​​in 2022 is 17.79%, precisely the accumulated value of price inflation that the table recorded from January to December 2021. This happens because the reference value for rent increases in Brazil is always the index of IGP-M table of the previous year.

In practice, if a person paid BRL 1,500 in rent throughout 2021, he must disburse, monthly, about BRL 1,766 this year, that is, 17.79% more. And that goes for any rental, of any amount. The increase reference must always be the last year’s IGP-M table.

In any case, the 2022 IGP-M table should show good indicators of variations (inflation and deflation) in prices and production costs in the market this year. This, in turn, should help guide changes to values ​​other than just rent. To follow the updated release of the indices, just access the FGV page and click on “Last release”.

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