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iFood Pocket or Minizinha: Which is the Best Maquininha?

A merchant who sells his products on iFood may have a lot of doubts about whether to choose an iFood Pocket machine or a Minizinha, both competitors in the market for card reader machines!

Nowadays it is essential for a merchant to be equipped with his little machine. Cash in paper currency is increasingly neglected and cards are increasingly popular due to their safety and practicality.

But if you, a merchant, have any doubts about the iFood Pocket or Minizinha machines, then read the article below to find out about their quality, weaknesses and major differences.

What this article covers:

What is the best delivery machine?

The machines are already common to couriers, the main representative of the establishment who has contact with the public and charges the value of the ordered product. The machines, both iFood Pocket and Minizinha, are small enough to be practical and a favorite of couriers.

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Minizinha, a PagSeguro machine, is one of the smallest on the market, honoring its name. To order a Minizinha is quite simple, just register on PagSeguro website and request your Minizinha machine. And on the site itself there are other machines from the same company, modality and special services.

Who is iFood Pocket intended for?

The iFood Pocket machine is 100% dedicated to iFood couriers. Therefore, it can only be requested by iFood couriers, whether exclusive to a particular store or an iFood courier who works universally, in any establishment.

We could say that iFood Pocket is in the testing phase, it is not available to all cities and is gradually being introduced in some regions. To request the iFood machine, the delivery person must register on the company’s website or receive an invitation from iFood itself. If he has registered to receive his iFood Pocket, it is common for the registration to take a long time to be analyzed and accepted.

How does the iFood Pocket machine work?

Considering that the iFood Pocket machine is intended for the company’s couriers, it can only be used linked to the iFood delivery app and also only works to pay for products purchased on the iFood platform, it is not possible to charge any product that is not a sale of the iFood platform, a clear disadvantage compared to Minizinha.

What are the fees for the machines?

The advantage of iFood machines over Minizinha is their fees. For debit or cash purchases, iFood Pocket rates are: 1.88% for debit and with a digital account it drops to 1.49%, and for credit the rate is 3.99% and with a digital account it drops to 1 .99%. For bills in installments, the iFood machine charges: 2.99% + 1.49%, with a digital account the first amount drops to 1.99%.

What are the machine fees?

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Minizinha has rates of 2.39% for debit and 4.99% for cash credit. For installments: 3.79% + 2.99%.

Where to order the machines?

To apply for the PagSeguro Minizinha is very easy! Just access the PagSeguro website, register your data and request the machine. The whole process is without bureaucracy and you only need to pay for the machine. The Minizinha costs R$4.90 12 times or R$58.80 in cash.

iFood Pocket, on the other hand, needs to get in touch with iFood and check if the vending machine is already available in its region. iFood Pocket costs BRL 298.80 in cash or 12 installments of BRL 24.90.

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