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If love is going badly for you, your sign has the key: know the worst mistake you make in a relationship

If every time you end a relationship you wonder why it didn’t work, again, when you thought you had finally found your better half and were even astrologically compatible, the answer could lie in your same zodiac sign.

Signs follow patterns when it comes to relationships. Beyond compatibility, they tell us how they love, express that feeling and what drives them to jump ship. There is an aspect that goes unnoticed and is the main cause of things going wrong in love.

These are toxic habits that they usually commit with their partner and if they don’t work on them, the result could be the same. Based on a YourTango review, we tell you the worst mistake your zodiac sign makes in a relationship.

The worst mistake Aries makes in a relationship is making plans without consulting the partner.. She will feel left out and see no point in staying together if you don’t include her in her life.

Taurus’ main problem is taking too long to check if your partner feels the same way and is trustworthy. Most people do not have enough patience to overcome all the tests that the bull throws their way. Taurus has a hard time taking that leap of faith.

Gemini’s most toxic habit in love is keep your options open despite having a partner. Sometimes he thinks someone better could come along, so he doesn’t get emotionally involved and prefers to keep his distance.

The mistake Cancer usually makes in love is not being honest with themselves.. When the warning signs are evident, this sign remains hopeful and believes that people can change their minds.

Leo’s main problem is thinking that he is not satisfied with little. His confidence is extreme and attractive, so every time you start a relationship you think you can get something better. This toxic circle leads you to end relationships and miss out on opportunities.

The mistake that Virgo usually makes is to force the relationship. There are times when two people cannot fit together because they have vastly different points of view or their future plans are not the same.

Fear of expressing what you really think to avoid arguments It is the main mistake that Libra makes. Honesty is the foundation of the relationship and if your partner doesn’t know what makes you vulnerable, it can hurt you.

Scorpio’s most toxic habit is confusing love with passion. You can have good intimate times, but bad times outside the bedroom. This sign must remember that chemistry in bed does not necessarily mean love.

The feeling of being emotionally attached to a person terrifies him. For this reason, The main mistake you make in a relationship is keeping your distance from your partner..

The most toxic habit in love that Capricorn commits is don’t give importance to your love life. Her partner may feel abandoned if she doesn’t spend as much time on it as she does on her work projects.

The worst mistake Aquarius makes in a relationship is being indifferent. Although he shares parties with friends and family gatherings with his partner, he does not show affection when he is in public.

The most toxic habit of Pisces in love is assuming your partner knows how you feel without saying a word, as if they were connected telepathically. This sign must understand that nobody knows what another person thinks until they express it, or at least give some signs.

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