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Idol 2022 – here are the most popular winning songs of all time

Can you guess which winning songs have been played the most times? Or which ones are at the bottom? Betting.se has compiled a list of all the winning songs in Idol.

Photo: TV4

On Friday, it’s time for the final of Idol 2022. It will be a grand event at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm in what is described as the world’s biggest Idol final. This year’s guest artists are megastar Charlie Puth as well as Benjamin Ingrosso and Miss Li. Betting.se has made a compilation of all Swedish Idol winners since the premiere in 2004 until 2021. The program has become a real long-runner on TV4 with large audiences every week. However, Idol had a break in 2012 before it made a comeback in 2013, including with Pär Lernström as the new host.

Three winning songs stand out on the list – Chris Kläfford’s “Treading Water” (2017), Erik Grönwall’s “Higher” (2009) and Amanda Fondell’s “All This Way” (2011). These three have over 17 million streams on Spotify, well ahead of the fourth on the list, Jay Smith and “Dreaming People” (2010) with just over nine million streams. At the bottom we find three previous winners from the years 2004, 2006 and 2008 in Marie Picasso, Daniel Lindström and Markus Fagervall. One factor to take into account is that Spotify was launched in the fall of 2008, i.e. after these three had won their Idol finals.

However, that makes Erik Grönwall’s performance extra strong, who takes 2nd place on the list despite the song being from 2009. Also Amanda Fondell in 3rd place (2011), Jay Smith in 4th place (2010) and Agnes Carlsson in 6th place ( 2005) is at the top of the list, impressive given that Spotify was nowhere near as big back then as it is today.

In this year’s final, Nike Sellmar is the favorite and she is challenged by Albin Tingwall. You can watch the exciting ending on TV4 at 20:00 on Friday.

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