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Currently we can see that, in view of the growth of cities, the footage of houses and apartments is smaller and smaller. For this reason, making a multipurpose environment has become a very viable option and the preference of many people who want to have more practicality and comfort in their homes.

In this context enter the integrated rooms which, in addition to making access to their utensils very easy, allow for greater movement of people in the house, thus becoming a favorable and much-desired option for decorators on duty. Therefore, for those of you who want to use your creativity, check out some tips and ideas to decorate your integrated living room­čçž­čçĚ

See some decoration options for your integrated living room (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Ideas to decorate the living room

First assess whether your integrated room it will make an environment with the dining room or the kitchen, as the decorative items will vary according to the rooms. In case there is an integration with the kitchen, interesting elements are potted plants, rectangular tables or even a masonry division itself. Remember never to separate environments with cupboards or the appliance itself, as this choice will make the place aesthetically unfavorable and still pose a high risk of accidents, since appliances and cupboards, for safety reasons, must be against a wall.

Done, in the masonry division itself, it is possible to insert beautiful flower arrangements and decorative wooden spheres that, in addition to sophistication, will allow for a more zen climate and closer to nature.

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Flower arrangements are always fundamental in any decoration (Photo: Disclosure)

Still on the masonry partition, you can opt for glass bricks or even the traditional models, being possible to increase with tablets or even a painting of your choice, respecting the style of your home.

The masonry divisions with inserts, in addition to being elegant, are excellent options for dividing environments (Photo: Disclosure)

Suggestions for separating the two environments

For those who want to separate the two environments, there are great options that will make all the difference. The first is to bet on a Japanese screen, in case you are a fan of oriental decoration. If you prefer a more elegant venue with greater refinement, a great suggestion to separate the integrated room is to bet on a small bar, with the stools facing the room, glass shelves with books, or even a simple curtain.

It is also possible to use the sofa itself to divide the room (Photo: Disclosure)

an interesting living room decorating tip is to make the sofa or armchair itself the division, since the view will not be affected by the two environments in your leisure time. Aquariums are also different options, but they require very specific care, so to have them you need to love the animals very much and have the time to clean the container frequently.

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