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Ideas to decorate your wedding with roses

Ideas to decorate your wedding with roses is what you are looking for? So know that there are many ways to use this type of flower in the decoration of the party or church, putting creativity and good taste into practice. Read the article and check out some suggestions.

Ideas to decorate your wedding with roses. (Ilustrative Photo)

Roses, when well used in wedding decoration, add romanticism to the religious ceremony and also to the party. This species is the symbol of love, but each color has a special meaning: yellow is happiness, tea rose is admiration, white is innocence and red is passion. If you want to assemble beautiful and meaningful arrangements, it is important that you value the symbology of this flower.

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What this article covers:

Mundo das Tribos selected the best ideas to decorate your wedding with roses. Check out:

Tall and imposing arrangements

Tall and imposing arrangements. (Ilustrative Photo)

The wedding that has a sophisticated style calls for tall and imposing arrangements. You can combine roses, with up to three different colors, to assemble the ornament, preferably in a large, showy, transparent vase. This type of arrangement is a great choice for decorating the main table, but it also works on the guest table.

church decoration

Decoration of the pews in the church. (Ilustrative Photo)

The church can also be decorated with roses so that the ceremony takes place in a more beautiful and romantic environment. You can, for example, decorate the entrance with small bouquets of white roses, in the same way as shown in the image above. The result is a light, discreet and symbolic decoration.

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Decoration of the pews in the church. (Ilustrative Photo)

If the wedding takes place outdoors, try decorating the entrance with large baskets of colorful roses, as shown in the photo above. In addition to working with roses, it is also possible to use other species of flowers.

small centerpieces

Small centerpieces. (Ilustrative Photo)

The centerpiece, responsible for decorating the guests’ table, can have a low and small arrangement of roses. You must provide square vases and arrange the flowers in a rounded way.

Rose petals

Rose petals. (Ilustrative Photo)

Another way to take advantage of roses in wedding decor is to create a path with petals. That’s right! The traditional red carpet, which marks the bride’s journey down the aisle, gains more life with this type of composition. In the case of a ceremony in the countryside, the colored petals themselves can mark the bride’s path, replacing the carpet.

Ornaments with roses and candles. (Ilustrative Photo)

To create a beautiful ornament, try cutting the stem of the rose and placing the flower inside a bowl. The transparent utensil must be placed with the mouth down, so that its base serves as a support for the candle. See the image above and get inspired.

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Now that you know some ideas to decorate your wedding with roses, choose the one that has more to do with the style of the event. Anyway, continue to Mundo das Tribos and check out other decoration articles.

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