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Ideas for using canning jars in decoration

You know those glasses that are scattered around the cabinets and the kitchen, with no use and that would probably end up in the trash? They can be used in a very interesting way. If you want to know how, just check out the ideas for using canning jars in decoration🇧🇷

Instead of being thrown away, useless, or going to the trash, canned jars can be used to decorate your home (Photo: Disclosure)

More than any fad, the recycling it is a necessity. Reusing materials that would end up in the trash, you can renew the decoration of the house in a very interesting way and still help to preserve the environment.

Among these materials that can be reused are canning jars, very common in any home. Using the creativity and some items that are very easy to find, it is possible to give these pots a new destination other than garbage.

Kitchen decoration with recycled objects

Tips for reusing objects in decoration

What this article covers:

Ideas for using canning jars in decoration

As a candle holder (Photo: Disclosure)

Following the ideas for use canning jars in decorationyou can also make a nice saving, in addition to becoming a more conscious consumer, as you will certainly stop spending on other objects to renovate the look of the house.

So let’s get to the ideas for decorate with canning jars🇧🇷

– Candle holders: decorate them with strips of decorative paper and use candles that float in water.

– Cool stuff holder: wrap them with a strip of paper and attach several colorful rubber bands.

– Wool, thread and ribbon organizer: place the skeins or tubes inside the pot, pierce the lid with a nail and pass the threads through the hole.

– To store personal hygiene products: apply enamel paint in the pots and use them to store toothpaste, toothbrush, shaver and other products in the bathroom.

– Luminaire: drill holes in the cover to adapt a socket, fix the lamp in it and close the glass.

– Wall vases: pass a wire around the mouth of the glass and fix it with the help of pliers. Then just fill it with water and pick the flowers.

– Store condiments: place a black sticker on the lid and identify the spice by writing its name with chalk.

– Pen holder: paint it your favorite color and use it to store pens, pencils and other objects.

– In frames: attach the pot to a wire mesh and attach it to the back of a rustic frame. To decorate, you can put a flower, for example.

– Picture frame: in the absence of a conventional picture frame, just fit the photograph inside the glass, being careful not to tear it.

Decorated canning jars images

Check out the photos of decorated canning jars in the image gallery below.

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