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Ideal paint for painting iron

O iron requires proper painting, otherwise it ends up corroded by rust and becomes a difficult material to recover. Today, it is possible to find specific products for the metal finishwhich improves the results of the work.

Iron cannot be painted with any product. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Ideal paint for painting iron

One of the main questions when building or renovating a house concerns the choosing the ideal paint to paint the iron🇧🇷 People who don’t know the technique end up painting doors, gates and windows with inappropriate paint and without the necessary protection.

When iron does not receive the proper finish, it suffers from oxidation. This process is the result of contact with air humidity and generates corrosion. THE rusty structure it needs to be sanded to regain uniformity and then receive a product that protects against rust.

How to protect iron from rust?

Before receiving the paint, the iron needs to be free of rust. (Photo: Disclosure)

If the gate is already rusty, it is necessary to use sandpaper to recover the material. However, when rust is present in excess, the best option is to use a wire brush.

After it is free of rust, the iron needs to receive a layer of neutralizing liquid, also called Universal Zarcon🇧🇷 This product is considered a complement that guarantees anticorrosive protection for ferrous surfaces, especially those that are in contact with the outside.

What is the right paint to paint iron?

The choice of ink is fundamental to guarantee a good iron finish, after all, it is not just any product that can be used in the material. Experts recommend making the synthetic enamel painting solvent-based gloss, acrylic enamel, polyurethane enamel or automotive paint. The painter should never choose water-based paint.

Automotive paint is the most durable and resistant. (Photo: Disclosure)

Those looking for strength and durability should choose automotive paint to paint the iron. She is able to withstand the effects of sun and rain, but costs three times more than synthetic nail polish.

THE iron painting can be done with the aid of a compressor, so the result of the finish becomes better. It is essential to follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions and apply two to three coats to obtain maximum protection of the material.

Tips for getting the best result when painting iron

When painting the iron structure, some tips make all the difference. Check out:

• Wear protective eyewear, rubber gloves and a mask to avoid contact with debris.

• The entire painting process must be carried out at the same time of day, as the iron cannot be exposed to oxidation.

• The interval between ink applications is four hours.

• The best time to paint is early morning or late afternoon.

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