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Ideal floors for kitchens

know well the ideal flooring for kitchens is something very important for anyone thinking of building or renovating their home, as the type of flooring chosen will directly influence the decoration and practicality of the environment.

Ideal floors for kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

When choosing the kitchen floorit is essential to take into account several aspects such as aesthetics, ease of cleaning, functionality, product quality and also the price, of course.

And if you know the various floor types available on the market and you know the indications for each one of them, this choice can become easier, remembering that, in the case of the kitchen, one of the most valued characteristics in the floor must be the ease of cleaning.

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Ideal floors for kitchens

Floors like granite and marble are very successful in kitchens (Photo: Handout)

There are several kitchen flooring options🇧🇷 One of the most used is the porcelain tile, which in addition to good durability, is easy to clean and gives a sense of elegance to the environment. On the other hand, some types of porcelain tiles are very smooth and become slippery (textured models reduce this risk).

Marble and granite are also among the most interesting bets for the kitchen, as they value the aesthetics of the environment and are quite functional, as well as the various ceramic options, easily found in stores specializing in flooring.

As there are several alternatives, you can opt for a floor that is non-slip, resistant and does not require work to be cleaned. With regard to colors, lighter tones help to give the feeling of a wider space, while delicate tones are ideal for a softer atmosphere. Bright and strong colors are linked to a more modern style.

Other options

Porcelain and other types of ceramics are also among the favorites for the kitchen (Photo: Disclosure)

Between the ideal flooring for kitchenswe also cannot forget some options that are not very common for this room in the house, but which, depending on the type of kitchen, may appear.

Even wood can be used, depending on the case, as in American kitchens (Photo: Disclosure)

One of them is wood (and its derivatives), which can appear as american kitchen floor, as this style aims to integrate environments. In that case, it can have the same floor as the neighboring room, for example. There are even those who invest in tile as flooropting for a more daring decoration.

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