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Ideal birthday rituals for the sign of Virgo

The sun has begun its transit through Virgo which means that those born between August 22 and September 22 will celebrate their birthday. Astrologically it represents his return to the sun, that is, the sun king returns to the point where he was at the time of his birth. This means that they will start a new cycle and if they want to start with maximum energy, they can resort to rituals.

Virgo is an organized, detail-oriented, planning, analytical, and critical sign that also rules over matters of wellness and health.This is why astrologers say that the season of the sixth zodiac sign is the ideal time to start exercise routines and establish better eating habits.

Virgos particularly live with these ideas, however, being the zodiac planner requires a lot of effort. Below, we compile some rituals that Virgos can do to start another lap around the sun on the right foot.

Meditation ritual with incense

Incenses are not only great aromatic tools, their scent can stimulate self-awareness and spiritual gifts. If you are Virgo, on your birthday and at the end of the day light an incense stick and meditate on all the things you experienced in your previous year and what you want to change for which you just started.

Energy cleansing ritual

Nobody wants to start a new cycle carrying the negativity of the previous one, so this ritual will help you cleanse your energy. According to the site Esoteric Clinic, filling a glass container, such as a glass, with water and adding a generous handful of sea salt will purify the spaces of bad energy. Place it in the corner of a room, suggesting where you work or spend most of your time, and remove it on the third day. You can do this ritual in different rooms.

protection ritual

This ritual serves to protect you from any bad energy in your new year. You will use 3 soaps of different colors and fragrances, as well as sugar. On your birthday when you take a shower, use one of the soaps, pass it all over your body from top to bottom, while you do it, repeat “evil and harm come out of me”. Then rinse well and pat dry with a towel. Now the sugar passes through your body in the opposite direction, that is, from bottom to top. Remove excess sugar with your towel. Do this ritual 3 days in a row using a different soap each time you do it.

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