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“I will invest my money in making you recast or retire”: Adrián Marcelo threatens Chessman, the fighter who hit him

Last Saturday was lived a controversial moment between the AAA fighter Chessman and the influencer Adrián Marcelo, when in the middle of an interview that cannot be heard very well because of the background noise, the gladiator gets enraged and hits the content creator between the neck and face; Later, the latter takes a glass of beer from someone in the public and with it hits the rude on the head. Moments later, other fighters had to enter the scene to separate the protagonists of the fight and prevent the scandal from escalating.

After the video went viral, The influencer from Monterrey broke the silence and told his version of what happened on your Twitch account. There he explains that the fighter attacked him when he asked why they hadn’t programmed it into the function which was performed at The Wolrd is a Vampire festival, which combined music stages with a ring of wrestling and where the interview took place.

You’re a mediocre bitch, you’re a nobody, you’re a Neanderthal, you’re a bully. I never wanted to show you off, I don’t even offer you an apology if my question: ‘were you programmed or not?’ she offended you“, mentioned the content creator.

Later, Adrián Marcelo added that I just wanted to make Chessman’s work knownbut that after the aggression, is going to take serious measures and threatened to put him in jail or cause trouble that could end his career.

You are an animal, when someone comes to amplify your work, whoever it is, it is a creator that you like or not, they are amplifying your work. It will be up to the carnal limit. I’m going to invest in getting you recast or costing you a lot to the point where you have to fold“he concludes.

While the fighter has remained silent about it, the wrestling company he works for, the AAA, published that they are investigating the facts in depth to give an official position as soon as possible.

“We are aware of the incident between Adrián Marcelo and Chessman at The World is a Vampire Festival. We will review all the details and make an announcement with the official position of Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.“, published the company on social networks.

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