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“I will fight for you (…) My favorite food is tacos”: Gervonta Davis shows her Mexican side to win Aztec fans in her fight against Ryan García

A few weeks after the fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, the duel under the ring is warm, since in recent days “Tank” questioned his rival for wanting to represent Mexico when he is not even Mexican and does not speak Spanish; However, not satisfied with that, she also added that he will fight for the Aztecs and even showed the more Mexican side of him.

In the most recent conference where they met face to face, Gervonta Davis He wanted to turn things around and be he who represents Mexico: “Support me, I’m going to fight for you, I love my Mexican fans,” said.

It should be remembered that Ryan Garcia He usually goes out to the ring waving a Mexican flag, although he was born in Los Angeles, California and, indeed, does not speak Spanish.

Tacos are definitely my favorite Mexican food. I like street tacos, I think I need to eat one right now”, added Davis, in his attempt to attract more followers.

Ryan’s father justifies Garcia’s Mexicanness

On the controversy of why “Kingry” feels Mexican, His father Henry, who, like the boxer’s mother, was born in the United States, explained that Mexican blood does run through his veins and that, furthermore, in boxing it doesn’t matter where he saw the light if he knows how to hit.

Yes we are Mexican, my parents are from Nuevo León, in boxing they know that he is Mexican. If you don’t speak (Spanish) well, ok, what can we do? But in boxing there is no languagethey are nothing more than blows, and that is how they speak in the ring, ”he said.

Davis and Garcia will meet on April 22 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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