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I pay the rent but the landlord doesn’t give me a receipt. What should I do?

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Dantas Rodrigues

I’ve lived in the same house for some time now, and despite paying the rent every month, the landlord hasn’t given me a receipt. What steps can I take?

Dantas Rodrigues: The Landlord has the tax obligation to issue a receipt for the amount received as income.

First, it must be requested – by registered letter addressed to the Landlord – the issuance of such receipts.

If the Landlord maintains the position, such tax default must be reported to the Tax Authority.

The simplest way to make such a communication will be by entering the amount spent as annuities in the IRS settlement form.

With such insertion/communication to the Tax Authority, it will become aware of the omission on the part of the Landlord.

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Article originally published November 2021. Updated November 2022.

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