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I missed the deadline to settle MEI debts. And now?

First of all, the deadlines for individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) were up to (09/30), but for those who missed the correct deadline to be able to settle outstanding debts, and can access them through Simples Nacional, (DAS).

What this article covers:

How can the MEI settle the debt?

In this sense, MEIs will be able to access the website through the DAS and check whether, in fact, they have any pending items to be settled, for this, it is necessary to access the Federal Revenue or DAS website.

In addition, payment slips can be issued through the mobile application, Meu MEI.

That is, 1.8 million MEIs owe a value of R$ 4.5 billion and may be enrolled in the Active Debt of the Union, if they do not make the necessary payment agreements.

What year are the debts from?

In other words, the debtors have outstanding debts for the year 2016 or previous years. MEI who have a later debt or resorted to installments in 2021 should not be concerned because they will not be enrolled in the Union Active Debt.

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In this sense, only MEI who have debts with amounts exceeding one thousand reais will be registered in the Debt, which includes fines and other interest for delays. Therefore, it is feasible to access the site to confirm if there is any pending issue.

Along with Social Security (INSS), Tax on the Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) and Tax on Services (ISS), these are the debts that are pending and can be included in the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS), which needs to be paid every month by the microentrepreneur.

Loss of Simples Nacional

In other words, it is notorious to mention that those MEI who go to the Active Debt of the Union may lose their simplified taxation rights, that is, Simples Nacional. So, they will have certain problems accessing credit through other financial institutions.

In addition, there will be charges of 20% with pending items at the INSS?? Being in default with the ISS and ICMS will take the MEI to state and municipal debts, which generates additional fines.

However, it is important to pay in installments to settle all outstanding debts and avoid much bigger problems, such as fines or having data posted on state or municipality debts.

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