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I made a wrong PIX, how to get the money back?

With advances in technology, PIX has become an extremely fast and practical alternative for making payments and even emergencies.

This payment method is a creation of the Central Bank. About three months after it was made available to the public, 200 million users were already registered.

However, with the large number of users, some problems have been reported regarding the method. One is what to do if money is transferred to the wrong account, and that’s what we’ll talk about later.

What this article covers:

How does PIX work?

First, you must understand how this payment method works.

As of November 16, 2020, Pix is ​​the fastest payment method currently available by all Brazilian banks. So it’s important to know how it works.

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Transfers through Pix keys, which represent the address of the chosen account. The keys can be the CPF, CNPJ, email, phone number or a random key, this is the most recommended for security reasons. A physical account can have up to five keys, while a legal account can have up to 20.

Money takes about ten seconds to fall into the account, justifying why it is such a practical method.

Who received can refuse to return?

Not! In addition to being something extremely unpleasant, the law itself states that this is a crime.

According to article 169, appropriating something from another person without any consent results in a fine or imprisonment.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to contact the person who received the money and explain the current situation, requesting the return of the payment. If that person is absent, it is necessary to contact the bank and explain the context to him.

After everything that has been raised, it can be concluded that adhering to the payment through the pix It is a very interesting proposal because it saves a lot of time and is much more practical, especially for people who deal with large amounts of money.

However, you need to know it and use it very carefully so as not to have headaches with the method. Seeking to stay up to date on changes is also an important step.

To ensure that this last step is carried out, stay tuned for constant updates to the site.

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