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I made a Pix it didn’t arrive in the account: what should I do?

What to do when Pix didn’t make it to the account? That paying for Pix makes anyone’s life easier, we already know that, after all, more and more financial transactions are carried out through this payment method that is here to stay.

Payments made by Pix usually take 10 seconds to reach the recipient’s account, but in some cases, this takes longer than the standard time. Understand what to do if Pix didn’t make it to the account.

What this article covers:

When Pix doesn’t make it to the account: what could it be?

Pix is ​​an option to move your money between accounts and make payments much faster, since transactions are carried out immediately, but of course there are situations where payment may take longer than usual.

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The range varies by institution as some may take a little longer to make this transition happen due to some security checks that are performed.

These checks are carried out on the account of the person carrying out the transaction and include checking for amounts that are very high and that are different from what is usually performed by the customer. In addition to suspected fraud, in this case, checking the values ​​can take more than 60 minutes.

When can it take 1 hour to get into the account?

But what to do when Pix didn’t make it to the account? The Central Bank’s orientation is to wait a period of 60 minutes to confirm that the transaction has been carried out. This recommendation is for those who made a payment or transfer and already have proof that this amount was transferred from their account.

This 1-hour period is also necessary for the institution to carry out all analyzes and checks regarding the movement before releasing the amount to the destination account. The measure is a form of security to prevent fraud.

The customer can also contact the bank that made the payment or transaction to request further explanations about the non-receipt of the amount in the destination account. Other means such as claim here, procon and the Central Bank itself can be activated if necessary.

How long does Pix take for the payment to arrive in the account?

Transactions made by Pix take a maximum of 10 seconds to be carried out between accounts and to appear as payment.

What if Pix didn’t make it to the account? In cases where the amount is not immediately available in the destination account, it is recommended to wait up to 1 hour, according to the Central Bank, as this is the time necessary for the institution to carry out all the necessary analyzes to release the amount in account.

How is Pix made correctly?

Transactions via Pix are carried out using keys, which can be e-mail, cell phone number, CPF/CNPJ or a random key, used for specific transactions, to ensure the security of your data.

How is Pix made correctly?

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To make a payment or move between accounts, you must have the key of the person or institution that you want to transfer. Other data such as full name, host institution are also necessary for you to check if the information is correct.

to make payments

In your banking application, select the Pix option and then the pay option, you will be asked for the type of key you will use to carry out this transaction, select the key you will use and fill in the key data to make the payment.

On the next page, check the recipient’s bank details, full name, amount and if everything is correct, confirm the operation which will then give you proof that the transaction was made.

After making the payment and Pix hasn’t arrived in the account yet? In case of delay in receiving the Pix, rest assured and wait for the period advised by the Central Bank.

Now that you know what to do when Pix hasn’t arrived in the account, you don’t have to worry, just follow BC’s recommendations or contact your Banking Institution to clarify the problem and then try again to make the payment.

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