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“I have overcome very difficult situations, nothing scares me”: Dani Alves remains stoic in prison and does not seek preferential treatment

After serving 10 days in the Brians 2 prison, which is located on the outskirts of Barcelona, Daniel Alves He has started to show his personality, which, according to his fellow inmates, is that of someone stoic, sure and with a lot of impetus.

According to what was published by La Vanguardia, something that mentally strengthens the footballer in prison is take what is happening to you as another challenge in your life, since he has told them that he has had a difficult life and that he is unfazed by what happens to him, because he is hopeful that he will be able to overcome it.

I left home when I was barely 15 years old. I have overcome in my life very difficult and complicated situations. This will be one more that will pass. nothing scares me”, the footballer has stated to his teammates, according to what was published by the aforementioned medium.

The prisoners who have lived with the star who played with him FC Barcelonaassure that, inside prison, Alves assumes its role as one more of them and what it has never sought or claimed to be given preferential treatment.

The footballer has been left out, and the Dani who is here is one more”, they added about the maximum title winner in the history of football.

It is worth remembering that Dani Alves is under preventive detention after an accusation of sexual assault, while the investigation is going on and the trial that will determine if he is guilty or innocent concludes, since he argues that the relationship with the woman who indicated him was consensual.

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