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I don’t remember the Caixa Tem email. What to do?

Forgetting the Caixa Tem email is extremely problematic for people who receive assistance or assistance from the service, it is no wonder that many have started to guarantee greater security at this stage of the registration. However, what to do to change the email if the user needs to use another one?

What used to be much easier, has now undergone some changes to avoid problems such as fraud, scams, etc. Due to the large number of people who have doubts about this change, check here a collection of tips and important information to ensure security in your Caixa Tem e-mail.

What this article covers:

How to change Caixa Tem email?

Initially, we are going to comment on the ways to change the Caixa Tem e-mail. As we mentioned earlier, Caixa recently changed this process to ensure greater security for the company.

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To change the Caixa Tem email, nowadays it is only possible when the user contacts the company’s support via telephone and requests the change of the email. However, in some cases it is possible to change the email without the need for a telephone consultation, depending on the case of the problem, as we will see below.

Possible problems for changing Caixa Tem email

Depending on the type of problem that the user presents with the Caixa Tem e-mail, the Institution offers 3 different ways to solve it. To access this tab, follow these steps:

  1. enter the Caixa Tem application??
  2. Click on “I need help”;
  3. Click on “I want to change the registered email”.

From the third step, things differ. They will vary according to each person’s situation.

The first case is if the person wants to change the email but still has access to the registered one at the moment. In this case, just go to click here, enter my account and change the e-mail to the desired one.

In the second case, if the user does not have access to the old email. For this option, all that remains is to contact support via phone and explain the situation.

Finally, we have the person who made a mistake with the email at the time of registration. In this situation, the user must click on “if the e-mail registration was not confirmed” and tap on the option click here. After that, a new tab will open for the person to register the new desired email.

Support Customer Service Caixa Tem

In case you are in the second option of problems to change the Caixa Tem e-mail, there is a support channel created by the company in order to answer these questions that usually appear to users. Check the phone numbers for change here:

  • For metropolitan regions and capitals: 3004 1104;
  • For all regions: 0800 726 0104.

With these two phones, it is possible to offer quality service to the user and guarantee security in relation to the data that will be changed. Finally, make use of the Caixa Tem app whenever possible, as it makes finding support channels much easier.

Caixa Tem: access to new email and step-by-step password reset

Now that we’ve explained what to do if your Caixa Tem email is forgotten, let’s talk about another possible situation: forgetting your password. Despite being more common, solving this situation is much simpler than it seems, as we will see in the topic below.

What to do if you forget your Caixa Tem password?

When it comes to forgotten passwords, problems are less. To change your password, you must have access to the Caixa Tem email. Open the app and go to the forgot my password option.

I don't remember the Caixa Tem email.  What to do

Source/Reproduction: original

Have your CPF in hand as you will be prompted and after typing it, go to your email and look for the message from the company with the link to reset your password. Finally, be careful with your password, as it must be numeric, cannot contain three repeated numbers and cannot be the CPF itself.

It is hoped that from the overview you will know what to do if you forget your Caixa Tem email and can recover your data. Share the article to spread the content and whenever you need studied and reliable information, return to this site.

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