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“I don’t know if I will save a penalty again”: Dibu Martínez spoke about the possibility that FIFA prohibits the goalkeeper from approaching the player who will charge it

Emiliano Martinez, better known as “El Dibu”, but also as the hero of the final of the Qatar World Cup 2022 for saving a clear play on goal at the end of the game and stopping a penalty in extra time, was questioned about the new rules that FIFA could impose on goalkeepers when taking a penalty and surprised at his response.

It is worth remembering that FIFA analyzes the ability to prohibit goalkeepers from approaching and interacting with the takers before taking a penaltywith which many of the goalkeepers would lose the advantage given by the psychological game that many use to make the opponent nervous by saying certain things or conditioning their shot by anticipating that they will jump to either side of the goal to block the shot .

To this Dibu Martínez, who with his controversial behavior was the one who originated this discussion in the upper echelons of football, downplayed it, since he knows that he will have no choice but to adapt, because that is the rules and it is not the first time that incorporates or modifies one.

You will always have to adapt to modern rules and what FIFA wants, so there will be no problem. we will adapt”, he expressed in an interview for ESPN.

Speaking of his performance in the national team, and mainly in penalties, which was key for him to Argentina will win the World Cup and the America Cupwhere only in the semifinal he stopped 3 charges against Colombia, he showed that he does not care if he adapts or not, since with his characteristic cheekiness he mentioned that he has already complied by giving two of the most important world championships to his team and that it could happen 20 years without returning to stop a collection from the 11 steps, because it already did so at the right time.

I already saved the penalties that I had to save. I don’t know if I’m going to save a penalty again 20 years from now, maybe not, but the ones I had to save in the Copa América and in the World Cup I could save and help the team win, that’s enough for me”, he said.

And remembering his greatest professional achievement, which was winning the World Cup, the Argentinian goalkeeper fondly recalled that it was a collective achievement, where several players brought out the best of themselves at key moments, such as Alexis Mac Allister and Ángel Di María in the final. , besides, of course, Messi in all the matches.

We did it collectively. Many individual players rose to the occasion, guys who were playing their first World Cup including me, we knew how to take the pressure off and enjoy. Obviously the 10 helped us in every game, he told Messi to stop winning Man of The Match because he won it every game, he told him to leave something for the poor (laughs). We helped him and accompanied him very well, the same players like Angelito Di María who had not played in the semifinal or the quarterfinals and in the final he was our best player. You need those people who stand out at key moments, (Alexis) Mac Allister as he played in the final and when Di María left the field I applauded him internally because I think he gave us the world final”, he concluded.

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