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I can’t validate the data in the Digital Work Card: how to solve it?

Don’t know how to validate the work digital wallet yet? Since 2019, the relationship between worker and employer has undergone changes, with regard to filling out data in the Work and Social Security Card (CTPS). This is because this document now has a virtual version, the Digital Work Card, which aims to facilitate the performance of some processes.

If you use this document and are having difficulties validating your data, follow the text until the end and see how to solve this problem.

What this article covers:

What is the Digital Workbook

The Digital Workbook is the virtual version of the physical CTPS. It works in the same way as the traditional document, and serves to record the citizen’s work activities.

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It is a place where all the main information about the worker’s professional life is gathered. Admission to a company, dismissal process, salary increase, change of work location, vacation registration, among other things, are some of the information that are in the document.

In addition, the CTPS and its digital version also serve to obtain social security rights.

How to apply for the Digital Work Card?

There is not exactly a process for requesting the Digital Employment Card, as with its physical version. In fact, the data that must be in the virtual document comes from the e-social system, filled in automatically. In this way, everyone who has formal labor activities has a Digital Work Card.

Now, to access the virtual document, it is necessary to have an account on the portal gov.br and access the system. The procedure is simple and works like a common registration that uses your CPF. It is also possible to use the “Carteira de Trabalho digital” application, where it is necessary, once again, to use the login of the gov.br portal.

How can I validate the Digital Work Card?

After having access to the Digital Workbook and verifying inconsistencies in the data presented, it is possible to make changes to correct them. For this, it is not necessary to go to a physical service post, as the Federal Government itself regularly corrects some information automatically.

If it is still necessary to validate any information that remains wrong, the worker can request correction through specific campaigns that are promoted by the Government and whose objective is precisely to make changes of this nature and update the data registered in the system.

If the inconsistencies found in your document refer to dates after September 2019, then the matter must be resolved directly with your employer. You must inform them of the problem so that appropriate changes can be made.

How long does it take for a new record to appear in the Digital Employment Card?

There is a deadline for new records to actually appear in the Digital Work Card. This directly depends on when the employer made the changes in the e-social system (which serves as a database for the document).

In most cases, labor changes can be registered by the employer until the 15th of the following month. This means that changes made to the document are not seen immediately after the decision is made.

In the case of dismissal, for example, the employer can register this data until the 10th of the month following the dismissal itself, which means that the Digital Employment Card only contains this information days or weeks later.

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